How To Build An Operating System: Virtual Memory and Paging- Part 07

Virtual Memory

Advantages of Virtual Memory

  • It allows users to run more applications at a time.
  • Users can run a large application with less RAM.
  • Users can fit many large programs into smaller programs.
  • A multiprogramming environment can be easily implemented.
  • Data should be read from the disk at the time when required.
  • Common data can be shared easily between memory.


Paging in x86

linear address translation to a 4KByte page using 32-Bit paging

Identity Paging

Enabling Paging

Paging and the Kernel

Placing the Kernel at 0xC0000000

Higher-half Linker Script

Entering the Higher Half

Virtual Memory Through Paging




Software Engineering Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya

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Pubudu Wickramathunge

Pubudu Wickramathunge

Software Engineering Undergraduate at University of Kelaniya

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